Students who have completed at least 64 points of graded work in the College may be awarded degrees with departmental honors if they complete the designated honors sequence in a department and maintain the requisite grade point average. There are three levels: honors, high honors, and highest honors.

Starting in academic year 2005-2006, students seeking admission to and graduation with departmental honors are expected to have a minimum grade point average of 3.65, both overall and in the major. Departments may exercise some flexibility in admissions, as follows. In rare cases where a candidate for admission to a departmental honors program falls short of the expected minimum GPA, the director of undergraduate studies or the director of departmental honors may petition the director of college honors for an exception. In all cases, once admitted, students are expected to maintain the GPA at the stipulated level in order to graduate with departmental honors. Should there be an exceptional circumstance in which the stipulated GPA is not maintained, the director of college honors may be petitioned for an exception. If the case is compelling, the latter will inform the Registrar’s Office of the waiver.

Russian majors must complete a two-term (8-point) capstone research project, which typically culminates in a thesis, and should reflect sustained original research over two semesters. The scope and length of a thesis will vary by discipline, but the thesis is typically 40 to 60 pages in length.

Students with double majors in discrete, unrelated disciplines must complete honors programs in each major for which they seek honors. Students with double majors in interdisciplinary or related fields may, if the two departments concur, convene a joint honors committee to establish an interdisciplinary research program of course work that culminates in a single thesis. Similarly, in the case of joint majors, the relevant departments must work out an agreement on the requirements for honors and on the supervision and evaluation of students’ theses or projects.

For more information, please contact the department director of the Honors program: ilya.kliger@nyu.edu.